Friday, January 6, 2012

Maybe I Spoke Too Soon

I said on Sunday that I wasn't doing resolutions this year, but would do 'goals' instead.  Working on the list, I decided there isn't much difference.  I'd always felt that resolutions were inflexible, do-it-or-FAIL, prescriptions.  But that, of course, has more to do with how they're written/decided, and my own outlook and judgement of myself, which I've been working on.

So anyway, onto my objectives for 2012:

1) Drink more water and add weight-bearing exercise into every day... Get off the backside and stand up!

2) Improve my gardening results.

3) Re-energize homeschooling. 

4) Become less home-decor-challenged.   

5) Sew more.

6) Write a monthly to-do list, and ACCOMPLISH.

7) Keep reading.  The Bible, yes, but books of many other types and topics, also.

8) The most important, which could enable me to reach far past any goals I could imagine: Give each day to God in faith and thankfulness, then proceed into it without allowing the "what-ifs" to get in the way of anything He can accomplish through me.

If you want to read a really excellent blog post on setting goals, see Goals Make Us Available, not Perfect on SimpleMom or (in)courage.

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