Saturday, January 7, 2012

3-Racking... It worked!

I'm going to share this on a Saturday, when readers might be busy with their families or watching the NFL playoffs... Because I'm not sure that this will be helpful to most, or if it will be interesting only to Wolf oven owners, current and future.  

For years and years, I've seen brochures and ads for convection ovens, showing 3 full racks of food, all  baking perfectly at once... Not sharing their odors, and apparently all happy at the same temperature.  
The hype promised that I'd never have to move anything around, or turn pans, that the temperature was so wonderfully even that it was fairly foolproof.  Well, this hasn't been proven true for this fool, or for most of the ovens I've had.

My JennAir range (1997 or so), which had convection, but not "true, European convection," was a waste of money.  Besides the vent situated to that it fried the delicate electronics of the touch pad every few months, the convection feature was not advantageous to any of my baking.  If there was any difference, it was negative, with overbrowning and uneven heat.  They bought it back because of the wiring issues.  I didn't receive a full refund, but no longer impressed with convection (or touch pads), anyway, I was able to buy a GE Profile, non-convection range (with knobs).

When considering appliances for our new house, I found out more about the different kinds of convection, was swayed by raves in articles I read, so was ready to try again.  
So after moving in, and excited about my double convection Fisher & Paykel oven, I volunteered to bake a huge amount of rolls for a graduation reception.  My friend was doing well baking on 2 racks in the oven of her 'regular' gas range, so I was sure it was time to use 3 racks in my oven.  --What a disaster.  Some were almost black while the middle rack, if I'm remembering correctly, wasn't done yet.  

To be fair, I can't say it was ever a Fisher and Paykel photo that showed the use of 3 racks.  Upon seeing the mess that was my rolls, I actually read the manual, and any instructions for multi-rack baking only talked about the use of 2 racks.  Using 2 worked about as it was supposed to, but not 3.

The Monogram touted the use of 3, but it was nearly impossible to even fit 3 of their racks into the oven. Then there were the temperature issues that I've discussed previously that made every baking project a new adventure, and not in a good way.

So apparently, I can't tell the most trivial of stories in a short manner, but I am now coming to the point.  This week, since I now have 3 nice-sized roasting pans, I was able to divide my large batch of granola into 3 instead of 4.  Since it seemed like a waste to bake 2 and then 1 alone, I tried 3 racks at once.  

Wolf 30" Double Ovens - E Series
I was excited to see that it worked marvelously in the Wolf oven.  Of course I had to stir them, but I didn't have to turn or switch pans in order to get 3 equally golden brown pans of cereal...  Just like convection is supposed to work!  I don't think it should be amazing.  But I'm amazed... and happy.

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