Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vive la Différence

Our kitchen island until 2010:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Original vision - I thought the island storage was a spot
where I could sacrifice some function for character/appearance.  

Island, 2010-2012, when I'd decided the function of drawers was more important than the classic, symmetrical look.  Also, we didn't need all that overhang, and could use more storage, so Hubby built a couple more cabinet boxes, and more drawers.  

I gained 5 drawers in place of the doored cabinets, 2 on one side, 3 on the other.  In place of the overhang, I now have one set of open shelves for my scale, a box of cake decorating supplies, and a basket of cookie cutters, and on the other side, have a drawer for ZipLoc bags with a pullout below for vertical storage of cutting boards and rolled goods, such as plastic wrap, parchment paper, and foil.  These are only 12" deep so that there is still space under the counter in the center. That remaining overhang is, honestly, for me, more important as a spot to keep the stool in easy reach, but it's used as a seating spot fairly often, too :                                                                                  

The end is gold (Benjamin Moore Waterbury Cream), because I was 2nd-
guessing my original choice (BM Lancaster White)... but it wasn't right.

And... Ta-Dahhh!  Our island, now:

So this week's changes were Hubby's addition of drawer fronts and pulls, and my repainting the cabinet ends to the original color.  I prefer the beefy, big-island look to the initial appearance, and it functions so much better, which is, of course, what I appreciate most.

The goal:  

Some trim, the legs, and the very-important towel bar, and we'll be there!  I think that to anyone else walking into the room, it'd look complete as it is... Just I know better.  I was going to wait until then to share the progress, but I was too excited not to show the interim improvement.

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