Wednesday, January 4, 2012

No Wonder the Kids Fight Over This

We have a kitchen gadget that's been around for years.  I think this is actually our 2nd one.  But the kids love using it, so I never have tried our apple peeler, corer, and slicer until today.

Last week I was so excited to find the prized HoneyCrisp apples for $1 a pound and Fujis for 50 cents a pound.  I bought 40 - 45 pounds of each, figuring the HoneyCrisp could keep the snackers happy, while I could get the chance to fix the Fujis into batches of apple pie filling to freeze.  --By the way, in only one week, the HoneyCrisps, which I thought would last us 'awhile,' are all gone!

Anyway, today I wanted to bake apple pies and the girls who usually fight over using this gadget weren't home, and I decided to try it myself.  I understand now why there are skirmishes over this thing.  It's fun!  It's so slick the way it, so easily and quickly, peels, cores, and slices each apple.  I thought it would require a lot of fussing around, but it doesn't.

The bottom vacuum-suctions onto the counter, and actually stays put. 

The apple (core area) is centered onto the prongs, and with a turn of the handle, the apple travels over to where a spring loaded (so it adapts to whatever size and shaped apple), u-shaped blade removes the peel, making long strings of it.  

At the same time, the core is being removed and the apple cut into 1/8" slices.  After taking it off, I cut the apple into fourths, to make the sections into sizes for pie.  

I'm glad it's easy, because we have about 30 pounds left to peel... if the snackers don't dive into those, too.
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