Thursday, January 12, 2012

This Home Decor Stuff...

In my goals for 2012 I stated that I wanted to become less home-decor-challenged.  

My priorities & my joy.  Also part of what makes decorating
difficult.  Busy family (eating in the living room),
pets, the need for lots of seating, and small rooms.
First I had to examine my motives for doing this, because self-doubt is where I seem to go first.  Was I trying to 'keep up with the Joneses?'  Is it shallow to want my home to be admired, putting time, effort, and expense that would be better used elsewhere?  Is this something God wanted me to put on my priority list, or might it hinder my spiritual growth?

But I was given my answers to those worries.  First, Prince CuddleBunny appreciated the extra half-mile I was going to make our home look more special this Christmas, showing me that these efforts were, indeed, a type of service to my family. 

During this time, also, my The One Year Bible reading was in Exodus.  I spent days reading God's instructions for the crafting of the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant.  I wondered why the specifications for all the pieces and details were given so much room and time in the Scriptures...   I realized that God clearly cares about beauty and details, and gave us skills and talents in order to create them.  The Lord lives through us here, and the house is a blessing we enjoy...  Making it look its best for my family is good stewardship and a way to glorify Him.

Now that I was past the spiritual hurdle, and I've given myself permission to care, I have a fair share of limitations I need to work within, and other hills to leap: 

Unfinished window trim, but Hubby's working on that.
Furniture from the In-laws' house.  --Make no mistake that
I was happy and thankful to have it,
as ours was torn and tattered.  Now we're wearing this
not-family-friendly nubuck surface to dark and shiny.  And
did I mention that orange is my least favorite color?
Needs: Cleaning, brushing, and pillows.
Finances:  I definitely can't just go out and buy my way to a beautifully decorated home.  I have hand-me-down furniture, and not in the greatest shape.  But it is what it is, and it's a given, at the moment. 

Any money spent will need to be used to the most advantage.  This will necessitate some thinking outside of the box, which isn't always my forte. It will also involve a large amount of DIY, and bargain-hunting, both of which I'm used to and enjoy.

Entry 'photo gallery.'  One photo
missing, one broken, one needs a real mat,
... all dusty.

Attentiveness:  I need to stop overlooking things that could be better... The TV antenna tacked to the wall in plain view. The broken picture frame hanging on the wall in the entry.  Tools and the boot bin on the front porch.  
Maps can be cool decor items.
But not with horridly torn edges.

As a family we need to raise our standards, and stop being OK with having the house and yard in fair (or worse) condition.  Clean up and touch up can go a long way as a start in the right direction.  Hard to do with teens, and while there is construction underway.  It will start with me.

Practicality:  I have a family... a big one.  I don't want a lot more to clean or things that I'll have to get after my family about.  
My favorite, once new & once ruby-red chair.
I love the style... Classic, comfy, and fun.
Unfortunately, a set of baby kittens liked it
-- for claw sharpening--
and it now has an almost nubuck finish, too!
Besides the seat being badly faded.

Kids WILL mess with things, and NOT put them back exactly where I think they should be.  They automatically add clutter to the mix, so more will not be better, even if it's pretty.  

Any surface is 'fair game,' as was evident when I had to disentangle Baby Jesus from XBox controllers that landed next to and around Him in what was left of our Nativity scene.  

We also have pets.  It doesn't pay to have things that aren't tough and easily cleanable.  Any new decor has to fit into an easy, comfy and barefoot, casual type of lifestyle.

Vision:  I need a better idea of where I want to end up.  I need to look at more photos.  Pinterest and Google might help if I can figure out the right words to put in a search.  I know I don't like fussiness or clutter, and most rooms I love focus on grand architectural details, and comfortable, but nicely designed furniture. 

 Stone fireplaces and great windows or built-ins are my type of decor...  Things I can't sew up, or change in any kind of hurry.  

I think room decor should be like a woman's makeup... Augmenting what's there, diminishing imperfections, perhaps, or turning them into advangages, not fighting with what is, and demanding the attention.  I can make pillows or hang photos or artwork, but the biggest problem is that I want everything to work together to be a whole vision, and I'm not sure I know how to do that... Yet.

A sneak peak at a planned task.
The kitties were here, too.
I've never re-covered anything,
and I'll be starting
with our 12 dining chairs.
This is all a little vague or general, I know.    I do actually have a few specific home tasks in mind and will share them in future posts.

I'm going to link this to 2012 Home Goals Party at the Nesting Place.  I think reading and sharing in such a fun party might help start me on my way.
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