Wednesday, May 9, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Today I'm just being a proud mama.  

I wanted to show you Princess Artiste's cool mug, made in her high school ceramics class... Obviously, she had a theme going here:                                                                                                                        

Prince Inventive, about to finish his high school career, accepting his Careers and Technology Student of the Year Award for Wood Technology because of his leadership and willingness to go "above and beyond" in projects helpful to others around the school and district.                                                                                   

...And Prince Go-for-It set a new school record for the javelin throw this week!  He also bettered his time by 5 seconds from last week's run in the 1600 meter race.  If he cuts 3 more seconds, he earns a spot at the district meet.

Thanks for indulging me.  :-)
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