Friday, May 4, 2012

The Touch

Rory:  "I am under here for a reason... Off you go."
The rest of us, apparently, aren't 'good enough' to touch this cat.  We try to pet him, but he cringes and tenses up.  We try to carry or cuddle him and are rewarded with wriggling and scratches.  I keep thinking that he'll warm to me over time... But that hasn't happened.  It's a bit humbling for me, having always had a way with cats, but I find his obnoxious attitude and the "talk to the paw...from a distance" demeanor kind of cool.

Martin (same color, different cat) is wary of Prince
CuddleBunny.  That 'evil eye' is not photographic illusion.

Prince CuddleBunny, though, whose youth and awkward pet handling always has the 2 other cats a little nervous, is allowed full access to Rory.  

With the young prince, he becomes the calmest, most amenable cat in the world.                                                                                          

Their standard, walk-around-the-house position.  The cat is alive... and awake!

I apologize if you were hoping for a recipe, project, or a great life lesson today.  I just had to share the cuteness.

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