Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

I have been greatly blessed by the bloggy world this year.  By commenting on posts on other blogs, some with give-away possibilities, I have won 3 amazing gifts.

The first was a My Memories Suite through Beauty 4 Ashes.  This is a fun software for creating digital scrapbooks.  If you have millions of pics in computer files like I do, impossible to sort through, and not being enjoyed, this could be for you.  It's affordable and with so many options, it's worth a look.

My Memories Suite - Fun!  Creativity!  Organization!

More recently, I added a comment to a helpful post by The Happiest Mom, entitled 3 Tips for Surviving Sickness as a Mom.  Meagan offered some wonderful advice for dealing with our own sicknesses.  I was the lucky recipient of a fantastic box of products.  Unfortunately for us, we have 3 kiddos with bad colds this week, needing comfort and care...  Fortunately, though, my gift box included the following goodies to help out:

- Vicks Snuggie
- TempurPedic all-purpose pillow 
- Slippers (Prince CuddleBunny says, "They're like walking on a trampoline!")
- Chicken noodle soup mix
- Teas
- Eucalyptus candle
and a sweet LED Automatic Folding Book Light (which I've had to protect from being whisked away to parts unknown several times already!)

My 3rd, and very cherished gift came from Tsh of Simple Mom due to my participation in Project Simplify (my reports from the 4 weeks of those organizational, de-cluttering tasks are here)... I was one of 10 recipients of an autographed copy of her popular book, Organized Simplicity: The Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional Living.   I was thrilled to be notified of my winning, as I'd just returned a borrowed copy to the public library, knowing I just had to have one for my personal library.  I hadn't had time to finish it, but already knew it would be an invaluable resource for occasional consultation and reminders in the near future and over years to come.  Tsh's suggestions will be a great help in trying to simplify and declutter our lives and home.  Read it... It's really wonderful, doable, I think, and so practical for real-life moms.

3 unique presents, all of which I am enjoying.  I, additionally and especially, can highly recommend the blogs from whence they came... 3 of my favorites.  If you don't know these wonderful women and writers already, I hope you stop by some time and give them a read.

I also have to tell you about a different type of special gift that came my way from One Project Closer: The Better Half, via a wonderful program conceived by Karah of The Space Between.  --But on another day... Hopefully, soon!

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