Saturday, May 12, 2012

For Mothers' Day...

I have a wonderful mom of the sweetest, most nurturing character, who taught me the basis of everything I know about cooking, baking, sewing... and all the best things I know about mothering and keeping a home.  --A wonderful woman who, thankfully, is doing much better after her heart-valve replacement, even though she seemed to encounter every possible complication after, resulting in a hospital stay about 3 times longer than expected.  

Sis, Mom, Me... 1976
That wasn't the end of difficulties, which then included her catching a nasty intestinal virus while in the rehab center that sent her back to the hospital...after which that illness was shared with my already-health-compromised dad, and my sister, who gives her all (and then some) to care for them.  It's been a mess, but hopefully, all are on the uphill climb.  It will be my honor, a great blessing, and the very least I could do in the scope of things to make and share brunch with my parents on Sunday, while my sister enjoys time at home, being properly loved and honored by her sweeties.

That's all I have to write, because what I really want to do is share 2 other Mother's Day related blog posts that I found incredibly moving, and thought you'd like to read.
The first reminds me how blessed I am, and what other people and things I should think about this Mother's Day: 

What I Wish I Could Write: For You Mama at (In)Courage

Image created by Lara at
Less Cake {more frosting} 

The second is the story of a woman who truly gave her life for her children.  --Not how this Mother's Day was expected to turn out for this family:

The Alice Hansen Family Fund at Honeybear Lane

Happy Mother's Day to all!

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