Sunday, May 20, 2012

An Alternative Fitness Routine

I've said many times here that I need to add exercise to my routine.  I've said almost as many times that I don't like to exercise for exercise sake, but to accomplish something, like a competitive game or a task requiring physical strength... Like I used to move full tables or haul around multiple bolts of fabric when rearranging the fabric stores I used to manage.  I felt tired, but good, after a day of such physically demanding work... A much better kind of tired than that from a day of dealing with people problems and bookwork.

In that vein, I've decided just to try to keep moving and be more active in my regular life.  After all, there is plenty to get up and do around here.  I thought I'd share my last week's 'fitness routine.'

First, I decided to try running in place while folding clothes and watching TV.  The folding and TV distraction helped me not notice that I 'jogged' for 20 minutes.  I was surprised I didn't run out of energy and breath long before.  It sounds a little nuts, but why not move a little when I have the chance?  I felt so good, I followed that up with some core work on my new mat.

Heading more toward the real-work type of exercise on another day, I got down on hands and knees to scrub the kitchen floor.  The kids are supposed to steam the floor twice a week, but it often happens only once. With the speed of impatient youngsters, a lot of the dirt gets swished over, rather than scrubbed away... So I thought I'd take the opportunity to start back at a clean Square 1.  
Stretching and crawling, I honestly hadn't considered that it might work out my body, as well as cleaning the floor.  I was surprised to feel the next day just how many muscles that chore used!

A couple days later, I spent about an hour weed-whacking the perimeter of the yard (using the string trimmer), trying to keep the woods from overtaking the lawn areas.  It definitely required physical strength (my arms felt like jelly), and my chiropractor suggested I do it in shorter time increments.  

It was good for my mental well-being, also, as it was nice to see the yard improvement...which has lasted a little longer than the floor-cleaning. 

Saturday's exercise was much more fun that all of those previous 'workouts.'  As a belated Mother's Day gift, the newlyweds took me (and Hubby) to the Big City to kayak on Lake Union.  
We have wanted to try kayaking for our whole married lives, but have awaited Hubby's intention to build the kayaks.  ;-)   

Princess Sassy and Prince Steadfast bought their own single kayaks this week, so it was a good tryout for those, and they rented Hubby and I a double-hulled craft.

We enjoyed paddling around the lake for about an hour and a half, looking at the amazing houseboats along the shore (way more house than boat), and also the bigger boats and yachts.  

It was a beautiful day and we also viewed the skyline of the Big City, the take-offs and landings of several float planes, and parks and other scenes along the lake. My shoulders and upper back did the most work, and I'm sure whatever muscles utilized will let me know in the next couple days.  

I look forward to more local jaunts, since Princess Sassy has let me know she wants to take me out in their boats on her days off while her prince is busy with his college work.  It's wonderful to live within a couple miles of Puget Sound, and now be able to take advantage of it in this way.

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