Friday, May 11, 2012

Stepping Out of the (Pizza) Box

Motivated yet again to add more variety, especially in veggies, to my diet, I got a little creative with last week's Pizza Night.  Might not be too adventurous for some of my readers who are into more interesting foods, but for us it was different.

Not wanting to alienate the less culinarily courageous folks in the family (here that means any boy under 19), I still made some more standard pies with tomato paste-based sauce, sausage, onions, and Mozzarella cheese.  The new one was topped with 

  • balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing
  • Browned, crumbled Italian sausage
  • mixed kale leaves
  • baby spinach
  • onions
  • sliced portabella mushroom caps
  • Roma tomato
  • a bit of crumbled Feta
  • a bit of shredded Mozzarella

It didn't taste anything like what we're used to when we hear "Pizza," but it was a fun change.  Next time I might not use both the vinegar and the Feta, as together they were a bit sour.

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