Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Feeding the Fabric Addiction

Last week, Hubby had a meeting in Vancouver, WA, so Prince CuddleBunny and I rode along.  I was happy to have a couple of hours to drive down into Portland and visit one of my favorite stores, Fabric Depot

"Fabric Depot is the largest, most complete,
locally owned fabric store in the country."

I get their coupons and was finally going to be there during a sale!  Not their best sale, but 20% off everything is better than full price.

And with 20,000 bolts of fabric, I thought it the best place to search for something with which to cover our dining room chair seats.

Not only full of fabrics, but
full of project inspiration, too.

I quickly realized I'd forgotten to measure the seats in order to calculate yardage, and also I had no samples of the colors already in the room.  A quick call to Princess Sassy took care of the measurements, but nothing could replace a sample of the room's wall color, and maybe also something that represented the color of the table and chairs, too.  Going by memory is risky business when looking at fabrics priced at over $30 a yard.  

Princess Bossy:  "Love it!  And get me enough for a skirt
while you're at it."
Princess Sassy:  "No.  Too wildly colored and too light."

I took some photos with my phone and sent them to the 2 eldest princesses.  Having very different tastes and opinions, that wasn't getting me very far.

I'd decided to give up and find chair fabrics elsewhere, when properly prepared.                                                                                                                                                    
--Until I came across the home decorator clearance racks, and options began to jump out at me.  Spending $11 a yard for something that wasn't guaranteed to be a great match was a little more comfortable, though still not a move I'd advise or prefer.  But the opportunity for selection and money savings was too good to pass up.

And since it isn't going to take much to make these chair seats look a lot better, 

and with Hubby calling to say he was awaiting our return, I took a risk and made a choice.  Of course, I'm already wondering if I should've bought my favorite, instead of the one I surmised might go with the room color best.  Was I too cautious?  Ack.  The dreaded 2nd-guessing.

Stay tuned for the reveal of the chairs... But with the way things go around here these days, you know I can't promise how soon that might be.

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