Monday, May 7, 2012

It's Complicated

Thankfully, not the same type of complicated like the scandalous goings-on in the movie of the same title (one of my faves).  But, as in buying groceries, and fixing meals and snacks to meet the needs of each person living in our house at once.
Hubby:  52, high cholesterol, sometimes high triglycerides, wants/needs to lose about 20 pounds.  He's not exercising, but because of work and projects, is certainly not sedentary either.  He's a snacker, and likes 2nd helpings.  He gets busy during the day and puts off eating sometimes, and 'makes up for it' later.
Me: 52, good blood test numbers, battles occasional low blood sugar issues and adrenal fatigue, recently gained about 7 pounds that needs to go away again.   Exercise for exercise-sake only is hard for me.   I tend to forget to eat during the day, or finding no pleasing options, I choose nothing.
Newlyweds: Former high school athletes, slightly struggling to adjust to the busier adult lifestyle without the regular schedule of sports that used to keep them fit.  They are trying to stay active, and set up good habits and diet.  Princess Sassy's chosen healthy foods get 'boring' after awhile, and feeling deprived, her sweet tooth returns.
5 Kids: 8 to 18, healthy, varying activities and sports involvement, but all very active.  All have good metabolism, so have no issues with too much weight.  Growth and getting enough calories is the focus.  They tend to fix themselves meals and snacks without enough protein.                                                                                                                                  
For Hubby and Princess Sassy it'd be a good idea to rid the house of their temptation foods.  But with our recent problems getting Prince Go-for-It to take in enough calories to meet his activity and growth needs, I cannot feel good about cutting things, like mayonnaise, tortilla chips, granola bars, and cookie baking.  We don't have a lot of processed foods or ingredients, and don't eat a lot of sweets.  I don't think the cookies, made with whole grain flour, and often with reduced sugar amounts, will damage the overall health of the active, growing members of the family.  It's tough for the rest of us that we don't have the same options, but that's apparently how life works!

The newlyweds gave me a water bottle & exercise
mat for my birthday.  The water bottle really has
helped me remember to drink enough water
during the day. The mat has not seen
as much action as it should!
Enough water and the right kinds of foods at the right times of day is a challenge for everyone.

I have noted, over time, that certain things considered healthy eating choices for most don't work for me, highlighting the fact that an individual's body may have a say in their specific dietary needs.

One answer would be to make a variety of foods available from which everyone can choose, but that doesn't work for family meals, which I'm not willing to give up in this endeavor.  I also don't want to get in the position of providing a grocery store or restaurant for the family, which wouldn't be a good thing for our budget.  So... Individual health needs (and preferences), family priorities, and finances all factor in.

Research to do.  Questions to ask.  Thinking to do.  More to report later.

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