Wednesday, December 7, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Oven #5 has arrived!  Wolfie #2.  (Wolf 30" Double Ovens - E Series)
She looks, of course, mostly, like Oven #4... (See TKO Tuesday: Oven Saga and Wordy Wednesday: 4th Oven -also the Final?)

Except for the flawless interior finish!  I hope she performs as valiantly as her predecessor.                                                                                                                       

The new broiler pan is quite a beauty compared to the one that came with the previous oven.

The store threw in 2 full-extension racks with the first oven, as it was a model that preceded their inclusion. and they'd been added later.  The distributor allowed me to keep those, so I now have 2 for each oven cavity!  That will be GREAT.

The installers highly recommended washing all the racks, and washing out the interior of the oven before burn-off, so I have some work to do.  This is when I'll miss that nice, big Super Single Drop-In Silgranite sink that I've envied since realizing I didn't really need a 2-basin sink any more...

Anyway, looking forward to, hopefully, years and years of baking in oven #5.

Update on 12/31/11:  I am very glad and relieved to say that #5 seems to work as amazingly as #4.  These ovens are GREAT.
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