Wednesday, December 28, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

My kitchen-related Christmas gifts:

From Hubby: Touch 4-Pack All Purpose Clip 
These are magnetic. Pretty sure they're made
to hold things on the fridge,
but they'll hold chip bags closed for us.

...and a Trudeau Garlic Press  I haven't tried it yet, as our
garlic all shriveled after the demise, a few months ago,
of our beloved
 Zyliss Susi 2 Garlic Press.  This one
flips around to clean itself.  I'll be happy to have fresh
garlic again without chopping and chopping. 

From Princess Bossy and Prince Helium:
A very unique and fun Chicken mug!

Of course, I had several other lovely gifts, including 2 nice sweaters, comfy and sleek yoga pants, a cool hoodie, a funny movie, a great, red purse, Reese's Cups, and a couple things I'll share in future posts.

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