Sunday, December 18, 2011

Family Christmas Festivities

On Saturday we enjoyed hosting my parents, my brother, my sister and her significant other, my niece's family, and my nephew's family, for a total of 21.

Hubby Extraordinaire was working on the bookshelf installation while we were extending the table(s) into the next room to seat 19.  (Princess Sassy and Prince Steadfast missed dinner, due to Sassy's work, and Steadfast's coaching duties.)                                                                                                                                        

When Hubby built the table, we made an extra small table
that could sit elsewhere then fitup to the end when needed.
Not enough, we also 'dropped' the leaf of our kitchen table
 and added it, too.

Princesses Artiste and Eager conjured up cookies and appetizers for before-dinner snacks, and guests contributed, too.

We kept dinner simple with 2 kinds of lasagna, bread, and salad. 

Tired of waiting for someone to share...

Sassy and Steadfast were home in time to join us for dessert (cheesecake by Artiste, and chocolate torte made by my sister), and also enjoyed meeting the newest member of the family, my grand niece/Princess Sassy's 2nd cousin.

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