Tuesday, December 13, 2011

TKO Tuesday: Mini Zone - Microwave (and Fruit!)

A microwave can be used in a variety of ways within a household: mostly for snacks, mostly for reheating, used for/during meal prep, or a combination.  I'd say we are a case of the latter, with the least use for snack items, since we don't buy microwavable snacks, and don't microwave our popcorn.  

We use our microwave for reheating leftovers for lunches, warming hot beverages, softening or melting butter, steaming vegetables, and thawing meats.  For these purposes, it serves us best in between a fridge, close to the cooking/baking areas, and benefits from access to water at the prep sink.  

In our kitchen, we were able to situate it in the ideal location.  This isn't possible in all kitchens, and I feel like the microwave placement is something about which I could be a bit flexible, and put a little lower on the priority list in kitchen planning-- as long as it's not too far away from the fridge, especially, and any snackers/beverage warmers aren't going through the cooking/prep work area to use it.

We have ours in the lower shelf of the upper cabinets.  This is a bit high, but keeps it out of the way, and gives a good landing space underneath, so the trade-offs are reasonable.   The kids can reach it when they're old enough to use it independently.

We are able to store our microwavable baking pans and bowls in the cabinets above and below the microwave, which is helpful.

This area happens to be the most convenient place to keep our ample supply of fruit, also.  Across the aisle from the prep sink for washing and paring, and at the intersection of main aisles coming into the kitchen... all outside the more intense work areas, so accessible to the kids without getting underfoot of the baker or cook.

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