Friday, December 2, 2011

The Great Christmas Tree Hunt of 2011

It was a coooold afternoon, but, at least, dry!  The tree farm simplified its pricing, so that the trees with yellow ribbons were $10 and all the rest were $35.

Yes... The right height!
The tree farm owner said we were there so long, he was considering charging us rent!  It wasn't that bad, if he'd noticed us in previous years.  I think we were there about 45 minutes.  Of course, we had to see everything... We can't choose our once-a-year, oh-so-special tree too quickly!  --Had to know if there was a $10 tree to love, and if not, we wanted to get a great one everyone could agree on for our $35.  

Tree-cutting teamwork got the job done.
Princess Artiste and Prince CuddleBunny

Hubby had never been able to have his first choice, a Noble Fir, because they were always too expensive.  But this year they were the same $35, so he finally got one.  Not positively sure it's an actual Noble, but it must be a close relative with a similar look.

Family decorating party planned for Saturday night!

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