Thursday, December 22, 2011

Books off the Floor!

...And in time for our Christmas party on Saturday.  

The painted trim pieces, top moulding, and side panel are yet to be installed on our new bookshelf, but it's up and working, so that's what counts.  

I thought you might want to see more pictures than the glimpses shown in the party pictures on Monday.  

The floor now has some catching up to do.
The Brazilian Cherry darkened around the books that
 used to line the walls.

One of the spots Hubby
thinks needs a bookshelf

Hubby loves them and keeps finding little bits of wall space for which he wants to make more.  ;-)  Prince Steadfast says it makes the room seem taller.

We have many more books I can dig out now, so it won't have any empty shelves for long.

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