Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Teamwork is a way of life in our home, from when it was just Hubby and me, to the whole crew on our housebuilding project.  Now that extends to the garage addition, and includes Prince Steadfast.                           

I thought I'd share some of the recent progress on that endeavor.  First there was excavation and readying to create the footings.  This required some digging, and with short days, some was done in less than optimum lighting!

Now the footings have been poured and the guys are cleaning off the footing forms and setting up panels for the foundation stem walls.  

The county has limited their staff, so the inspections must be planned a couple of weeks in advance.  That means we may not get to finish the foundation before Christmas break ends, which is a disappointment.  But all in God's timing, so we try to be content with the pace.

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