Monday, December 26, 2011

Glimpses of our Blessed Christmas

The calm before the invasion...

Waiting to be invited in by the tree - Excitement
got them up early to open gifts at about 6:30 AM
Opening gifts one at a time, and
trying to keep the wrapping picked up as we went

Unloading the stockings
An hour or so of power outage led to
a gathering in Prince Inventive's room


We enjoyed the day together, watching a few movies, and relaxing.  Some of us are coughing, and Princesses Artiste and Sassy have about one voice between them... So a quiet day was a good thing.  I meant to get a photo of our after-dinner Skype visit with Princess Bossy and Prince Helium, but got caught up in the conversation instead.

Hope your day was merry!

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