Friday, December 16, 2011

Putting on my Milliner's Cap (haha)

There is another cabinet-full not shown here
I've mentioned before that I used to sew baby clothes for children's boutiques, and, of course, for my own kiddos.  From that, and my years in retail fabric store management, I have quite the stockpile of fabrics.

The little bit of sewing I did earlier this week reminded me how much fun it is to create in that way, so I dug into the stash and decided to sew gifts for my grand nephews and niece who will be here tomorrow afternoon.

I have what Prince Steadfast termed 'a ridiculous amount of patterns' from which to choose.  Apparently, the one I used for the boys must be 'vintage' now, since I looked and Butterick no longer offers it.  Too bad, as the hats are cute, and wonderfully easy to sew together.

I used another from Kwik Sew for the baby girl's gift.

I don't have much in the way of photos, but I thought I'd show you what I had fun making in a few hours over the last couple of days:
Polar fleece... So easy to sew with

Prince CuddleBunny served as sizing model

Ear flaps can tie up

The youngest of the boys likes construction
vehicles, so this has a sweatshirt fleece exterior

For Baby Girl... It's actually mostly pink and lavenders,
even though the pic looks like blues
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