Wednesday, March 2, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes our homeschooling takes a not-necessarily-planned turn away from the books.  But I love watching them all work together on something, and believe there more important things to be learned from the conversation, the group work, and from the thinking and planning it takes to construct equipment, buildings, and cities with Legos.  The books will be there tomorrow.

For anyone who thought our homeschooling might be 'organized' and at all neat,
the cat is out of the bag!



  1. Not all learning is book learning, and I love that you don't always stick to the books. Looks like it was a fun day for all.

  2. We are definitely not slaves to books. We don't try to emulate 'regular school' at home. I believe in constructive life activity and conversation, 24/7, as the most important educational 'curriculum.'

  3. I love the creativity of legos. Everyone looks like they are busy thinking. :-)

  4. If they could have only 1 toy, Legos would be the best choice!


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