Wednesday, March 9, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

One of our kids' favorite scenes....An ample supply of apples:

Mostly, they're for eating, but sometimes the subject of artful photography for Princess Artiste...

I found the drawer looking like this only 4 days later... !!


  1. Lovely pic of that solo apple. The lighting is so nice in it.

    I have to keep fruit on the counter or it doesn't get eaten. Don't get me wrong the boys love fruit and we go through a ton, but if it's hidden away, they'll stop at the cookie jar first before ever making it to the frig.

  2. We all prefer the crispness of chilled apples. For sure, anything in the fruit bowl goes fast, too. It'd been awhile since we'd had a good supply of apples, so they were the current novelty treat.


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