Monday, March 7, 2011

What's Going Well at the In-Laws' House

Everything wasn't sad at my in-laws' house.  With help from Princess Sassy I had chosen the vinyls for the bathrooms and laundry area, which were installed on Friday, and Hubby and Prince Stoic were starting the kitchen.                                                                                                              
I wish I had 'before' pics to show you of the bathrooms, which each had their own color themes.  

The 3/4 bath off the family room had blue sink, blue toilet, blue shower stall, a textured vinyl floor in an assortment of blues, and a bright blue laminate counter.  Oh, and the light fixture had a baby blue backplate and the globe shaped chimneys had a painted on, blue floral pattern.  It's all going, except for the shower.  We chose a tile patterned vinyl, that had just hints of blue mixed in with earthier colors.  It allows the remaining shower to belong, but not take over the room.                                                                                                                                       
The main bathroom was the 'brown bathroom' with brown sink, toilet, and tub...and glossy dark almost-burgundy brown countertop.  The flooring was a 70s pattern beige...Not terrible, not great. The tub is staying.  Because of the sizes, we wanted one vinyl that would work in both this and the master bath.  Anything in this room needed to coordinate with the tub and work well, of course, with the new cream colored vanity Hubby will build.                                                                                                                                                    
Believe it or not, this
is much calmer looking
The master bath has the vanities in a separate area, but the toilet and shower in a tiny room together.  The double sinks of the vanity area, the toilet, and the shower, which stands right in front of the doorway, were bright gold.  The flooring was a textured pattern of golds and bright yellow.  The yellow gold of this small space was overwhelming and very dated.  We chose a light vinyl that would keep the small master bath and the windowless main bath bright and as spacious feeling as possible.  We also wanted to tone down the impact of the gold shower, while coordinating with it.  The vinyl has a pattern somewhat like marble veining, but in varying tans.  One of the colors goes well with the brown tub, and one of the shades connects with the shower, so they look like they go together, but brings the shower more toward tan-gold than yellow.  We were happy with the results, and the new vanities with updated counters and backsplashes, and the new lighting, sinks, and toilets will only improve the overall effect.                                                                                                                                                   
We lost the lowered ceiling and boxed fluorescent light in the kitchen, which was a great improvement to start.  Now Hubby and Prince Stoic have a good start on transforming it into the room it will be.  
It was a challenge to create trim pieces to match the new flooring where the kitchen floor edge is open to the family room below, but Hubby made it happen.  After putting in toekicks, they installed the flooring, then placed base cabinet boxes.  More and better yet to come!


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