Friday, March 18, 2011

Whisking Dough

I wouldn't have thought you could 'whisk' bread dough.  It sounds like a lightweight approach to a heavyweight task.                                                                  
Thanks to a discussion on the Gardenweb Kitchen Forum, in which member, "Pinch_Me," asked about Danish bread dough whisks, I was introduced to another kitchen tool I didn't know I needed!  ;-)                                                                                      
I have my Bosch Universal mixer, which I love using for large batches of sandwich and other bread doughs, but, admittedly, was having a time mixing my pizza crust and artisan bread doughs by hand with the big spoons I'd been using.  Reading through the comments on Amazon convinced me that this tool might be the answer for me.                                                                                                                                                                                        
I ordered the 'large' size, figuring with the size batches I make, that would be the best starting point.  It's about 15" long and the handle is sturdy, but a bit bulky.                                                                                                                                                                    
First I used it to mix pizza dough in my new Cambro bread pail.  It seems to mix things well, and a little faster than with a spoon.  
I still takes some 'elbow grease,' as my mom used to say.  But how could one expect to be an 'artisan' without some physical effort?                                                                                                                                                                                                         
For its second outing, I gave it a tougher workout, by using it to "feed" my artisan dough by adding a cup of flour and a half cup of water.  Usually, I would let the dough warm closer to room temperature, and pull it into pieces before trying to stir in the new water and flour.  This time I took it right out of the fridge and mixed it right in. 
                                                                 For that job, under those conditions, I'd say this tool performed admirably.                                                          
I might eventually try a smaller one to see if the thinner handle allows me additional dexterity that might be an advantage over size for handling the dough.    

The comments on Amazon let me know that using cold water made cleaning the tool easier.  With cold water, it does rinse off well and quickly.                    
There is a little place where the wires go into the handle that can hold onto dough, but it's not too bad either.

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