Monday, March 21, 2011

Parental Revelation

Maybe everyone doesn't need this, but the adults in our house could use a wake-up call every once in awhile.  Truthfully, more often than they usually come!                                                                                   
I was spending another day raising and homeschooling my kids, every moment of which I believe to be a tremendous blessing.  But do they feel that?                                                                                           
I don't remember the exact details, but we were all randomly standing around the table as the kids were picking up their school materials, and talking.  Prince Go-for-it made a comment in jest.  It was the kind typical for a 13-year-old boy... a little silly, maybe even a bit goofy, and, of course, one he thought was pretty clever.  But it was all in fun and harmless... Not denigrating to anyone or in any way inappropriate. But something, I realized, I'd usually ignore, roll my eyes at, or make some face, indicating displeasure over his silly take on the conversation.  Instead of any of those things, I actually smiled at him, and joined in the laugh.                                                                                                                                                     
It was an amazing difference.  I was released from the motherly ways of busy-multi-tasking, teaching, lecturing, scolding,  and keeping order to share something fun with my son.  I could tell from his face and our eye contact, that in that moment, he felt a connection and an acceptance that I bet, perhaps without even realizing it, he's lacking much of the time.  How sad, but how good to find out and be aware.                                                                                                            
I shared the experience with his older sister and his dad, so more of us can LIGHTEN UP.  We should appreciate the ages and stages of the younger children, rather than constantly trying to 'train them out of' whatever childish fun they're having.  And maybe we can stand to add a bit of harmless goofiness to our days, too!  Who would think we'd need a reminder to have fun...

Have you met the family?  If not, and you're interested, check out the My Family page via the link or the tab above.
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