Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hmmm...Matching Buckets, Similar Looking Doughs...

I found out fairly quickly a slight downside of using matching buckets for my pizza and bread doughs, instead of using dissimilar bowls...Which is which?!  I actually had to refer back to my photos in the post, "The Mail Truck is in the Driveway!", to make sure I was remembering correctly.  In the photo, the bread dough had just been stirred, while the pizza dough had had time to rise.  By the next day, they looked identical.                                                                                                                            
Brother PT1290 Home and Office LabelerMy solution was Prince Inventive's label maker.  I remember the manual label makers from my childhood.  We had fun making the tacky, neon-colored labels, or whatever choice of color, but the makers were far from efficient and the product was much less than perfect.  After cranking to each letter, one at a time, the tool pressed the shape into the narrow tape, turning it white in the shape of the letter...IF you pressed hard enough.  If you had a long name or word to print out, this process took awhile. Then you had the little strip with the word...that curled and sometimes stuck to things, and sometimes didn't.  They actually might POP off at any unforeseen moment.  Also, beware the corners, as they were sharp and scratched skin!                                                                                                                                                                        
None if this describes today's label maker.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  

Problem solved
The tape in this one is very thin and pliable, so sharp corners and popping off should never be a problem.  It is available in transparent, as well as colors, so the label itself can blend in with or be in contrast to the surface onto which you're applying it.  (There is even a cartridge of tape that will print black labels with white lettering.) 

This tool offers a choice of lettering styles and sizes to suit your fancy or need.                                                                                                          
Best of all, you type in the whole word or phrase you want, on a full QWERTY keyboard, and it prints it out while the user sits back and watches.  

Another lettering size and style
for another helpful label

Much neater looking than this one!


  1. Love my P-touch Label Maker! I've had it for ages, and use it on everything. The label refills last a really long time, too. I've been eyeing a new model, though. The call of prettier fonts is hard to resist. I had both puff pastry dough, and wonton dough wrapped in the frig today, and had to pick them up to tell which was which. They're completely different, but wrapped in plastic on the frig shelf they looked the same. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anyone know why some comments are going through the new 'IntenseDebate' system, and why some are going through Blogger? Grr.

  3. I, too, am easily tempted by things like new and fun fonts!

    Good idea to have it handy for things like that in the kitchen. Better than masking tape. :-)

  4. Smart to label. I got one of the buckets, too -- believe I have you to thank for that. My pizza dough quantities are too small to use it but it works well for the no-knead.

    Like lax I have a P-touch. Very devoted to that and that tape doesn't peel off like the stick-ons of old. (Also great for marking travel bottles of cosmetics).

  5. The one Prince Inventive has is the one DH found at the in-laws' house when we were cleaning out... He just handed it over to him. I may have to exercise 'eminent domain' on behalf of family needs. ;-)


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