Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fall Bounty!

I know we're well into fall and head toward winter when  

  • The leaves have turned color and most are on the ground 
  • The air is colder than nippy 
  • There are reports of light snow in the area (Like often last year, we were left out again!) 
  • a young man's fancy turns toward.... spawning salmon!  Or those that are trying to spawn, so come in near the shoreline.  

It was a fruitful morning for Prince Go-for-It, who got his dad up at 5:30 today to drive him out to his favorite fishing spot.  

He says the adult men there ask him why he isn't home in bed... Apparently none of them fished as kids?!  

Or are they just disappointed he's catching so many?  :-)

Filleted and ready to brine and smoke...                                                                                                        

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