Sunday, October 26, 2014

25 Days In, and No Pizza?

In the last few years, this blog has been full of pizza.  Pizza crust recipes, different surfaces on which to bake pizzas, and the quest for the best result.  A crispy, airy crust, and just the right color on top and bottom.  So, in a 31-day blogging fest, you might have expected to read something about pizza.

I didn't make much pizza this summer, as I was often away at baseball tournaments on Friday nights. Though not many in number, I did have one 'finally perfect' result.  I can't offer much that I did differently, as I used my go-to crust recipe, and used the pizza steel and the most successful baking method I had found previously.

What was different was that I had to restart the dough, so it was newly mixed and only had  2 or 3 days in the bucket in the refrigerator before I used it.  It seemed a bit dryer, and very elastic -- almost rubbery.  It fought back when I tried to spread it, so I had to spread, and let it rest, spread more, and let it rest again, before being able to spread it as large as I wanted it.  So, it took, both, more work and more time, than I'm used to.

But, BAM!  

That first pizza out of the oven told me something.  My mom said my grandma always told her that the more difficult the pie crust was to work with, the better baked crust you got.  I don't think she knew that her adage would work with 'pizza pie,' too!

To be honest, after what it took to get that result really made me wonder if it was worth it!  ;-)

I am very much out of the pizza baking mode.  I will have to dive back in, though, as our yearly cross-country team pizza feed is coming up!!

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