Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Princess' Punkins

I think every week in October should have at least one 'pumpkin recipe,' so here's one that's a little different.

Princess Sassy has gotten pretty crafty lately.  She has always liked to buy and paint old furniture.  You may have noticed her the hot pink dresser that looks so amazing in their living space.

She got into the fall spirit early this year, and made this beautiful wreath....

...and a very cute project using 

  • a roll of toilet paper
  • a plastic grocery bag
  • a 'fat quarter' of fabric 

  • sticks (approx 1 inch in diameter) found in the yard. 

 I thought she'd found the idea on Pinterest or Facebook, but she said she dreamed it up herself, and made these cuties.

The princess started with a toilet paper roll set on a pre-cut 'fat quarter' bought at the fabric store...  Any piece of cotton, or similar weight fabric, cut approximately 18" square or larger should work.

She wrapped a grocery bag around the toilet paper roll to round it out.

She said that it works best to tuck the sides of the square into the top of the toilet paper roll first, then bring the corners in to hold it all together. 

Insert the short stick, about 4" to 6" long, into the center... and voila'!   No fuss.  No sew.  And in no time at all...  A whole, cute punkin patch!

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