Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Changes and Decisions

Prince Inventive graduated from community college in June.  With excellent grades, he was accepted and offered scholarships from the 3 colleges to which he applied.  With the scholarships and financial aid, the remaining balance was still bigger than he'd hoped.  He wasn't feeling 100% sure about the path he wanted to take in terms of majors, and not wanting to accrue debt for nothing, he wasn't sure what to do.

This is similar to the wall Prince Stoic hit 4 years ago.  He thought he'd take a year off of school to work and build his savings, then enter SPU, as planned.  But in the time off school, Stoic decided to work toward entrance into the electricians' apprenticeship program, where he is now happily employed and educated.  He is happy with his independent life.  He is saving and pursuing his own interests.  

He thought Prince Inventive might enjoy this path, also, and talked to him at length about the process, the advantages and disadvantages.  They began to make plans for living and working together, and in the future,  investing in real estate or a business.  

Prince Inventive started to get excited about the idea, and made plans to move to the Big City and share an apartment with his big brother, the one who had been is first ever best friend and roommate.

The day he left, we shared tears, and he looked more like a kindergartener being forced to get on the bus, than an adult excited about this new step.  I had stayed quiet, but was in doubt that with personalities that were so unlike each other, that the same path that Stoic was happy in, would fit Inventive as well.  It didn't surprise me, when faced with the first steps of getting employment that would propel him toward the apprenticeship, the newly independent prince called me to admit great hesitancy.

It was a great blessing to this mom to be an advisor and confidante over the next couple of weeks, discussing things like prayer, patience, and taking each day as God gave it, whether it be full of answers, questions, life learning, service, or gifts.  It was a joy the day he called, realizing, just after praying one morning, that he had so enjoyed his public speaking class (which had been a big surprise), and that he wanted to use those skills in whatever career direction he went.  He said he thought he'd really like to be an admissions counselor for SPU.

Inventive took time out of his summer work schedule
to go on a hiking/camping trip with his dad and CuddleBunny
While on the phone, we each looked on line at the SPU employment pages, to see what kind of education and experience requirements, and, also, income he could expect.  Since that job choice seemed to be an excellent first-job-out-of-college, but not likely a lifelong career, because of income limitations, we talked about where he might want to step from there.  An admissions counselor could have a degree in almost anything, but administration beyond that would likely require education that was directly relevant.  

He's now decided to major in Business with a marketing focus.  He will pursue employment or volunteer work around the college, and make connections for a possible job when he's finished.  Since money was still a concern, he decided to delay the start of his junior year until winter quarter.  For now he's working 2 jobs... One in the stockroom of a downtown retailer, and one as a 2-day per week nanny for 3 kiddos, ages 1 1/2 to 6.  His skills as excellent big brother and uncle come in handy there.  :-)

Forging a new path of his own in the Big City.
We can't keep up!!  :-)
I think he's really finding his own path, and has made some insightful and responsible decisions.  I'm sure he has a bright future, and it's great to see him excited about all of his plans now.

--Now, as his share of the apartment fit only bare necessities, CuddleBunny and I have our work cut out for us in spiffing up and making Inventive's abandoned room into CuddleBunny's special, new space.  It's not as good as having his big brother around, but the new focus helps.


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