Friday, October 10, 2014

WSU Tourney

I've lived and worked on college campuses, and have yet to see an ugly one.  The atmosphere is so positive and energetic, and the grounds so parklike. WSU was no exception.  

And being and playing in the stadium was no less "big time" feeling than at the Husky ballfield.  It just lacked the urban surroundings, which is the more relaxing environment I prefer --without the fuss and fury.

My niece, who now works at UW, is a WSU
alum and highly recommended the Cougar Country Drive-In
for a burger and one their famous Cyclones
(like a Dairy Queen Blizzard...Ice cream and candy, basically)

Independence Day fireworks over the city.
...from the WalMart parking lot! :-)

Even further from any urban hustle and bustle were the tournament games held on a field in nearby Colfax.  One of the moms went into the local grocery store, and the checker thought she was from the new family moving into town.  Everyone knows everyone else there, apparently, and a new face attracts attention.  

The field itself was on the far edge of town, beyond it, only a narrow road along a river.  But Hubby (the only time he was able to come with us to a tournament), CuddleBunny, Eager, and I had time to kill during team warmup, so enjoyed a leisurely ride and took some photos.  

It was interesting to note wildlife and bugs that are different from those we see on our side of the mountains. 

The boys did well, and finished 3rd in the tournament.

-- And I should have mentioned previously, that almost all baseball photos, particularly action shots, were taken by Prince CuddleBunny.  Princess Eager, an avid photography buff, was often behind her camera, too, and she supplied a lot of individual shots for the team members to share on their respective social media options.

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