Saturday, October 11, 2014

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

We had a baseball tournament break after the trip to Pullman.  It was perfectly timed... The weekend of GrandPrince's birthday was free of baseball, and open for partying!

In add to the fun, Princess Bossy flew in from her state far away to attend...and stay for a good visit.  Unfortunately, Prince Helium had to stay home and work, so we missed him.  

Also, unfortunately, but not as much, the princess' flight was supposed to arrive the night before the party day, but the airline cancelled the flight that day!!  Instead, she had to rebook for party day, and I was picking her up at the airport just as the party began, so we were a bit late.  We were glad that the important festivity events, like cake and presents, waited until after our arrival.

The little man loved his party and appreciated each one of his gifts.  Since one of his first words was "fish," and he was excited by anything fishy, his cake was a shark, with cupcakes on the side, decorated as colorful, littler fishes. 

Sassy and Steadfast also celebrated their wedding anniversary that weekend, and, of course, Bossy and Helium did the same 19 days later.  Can you believe it's been 3 years since the 2 weddings?!

Princess Bossy was on the porch for a phone call from
her hubby.  It turned into a terrific, through-the-glass game.
You may be wondering what's on his Onesie...
Princess Artiste and her boyfriend took photos of themselves
 and transferred them onto the shirt for his bday gift. -- The front
shows them with their eyes covered, the back has them uncovered.
"Peek-a-Boo!"  So cute.

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