Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tournament Time

One of the boys' first (and favorite) big tournaments was one in which they played against premier teams in University of Washington's brand new Husky Baseball Stadium.  It felt 'big time!'

They had some skill clinics, then played tournament games in the afternoons and evenings.  It was HOT, and the competition was fierce.  They weren't expected to do well, and did lose their first game,   but not badly.

The next day brought better things, and Prince Go-for-It got to feel a big part of their success. 

 Game 1 that day went into the win column, with a good scoring margin for our boys.  The 2nd game, a night game, so under the lights, was more of a battle.  
With 2 outs in the 9th inning, the score was tied.  Prince Go-for-It had 2 strikes, and 2 balls, but then he smacked a good one, and was on base.  2 hits by teammates later, and he was the winning run, taking the team into the championship game on the final day!

Because this tournament was in the Big City, we commuted, and the prince's siblings, nephew, and dad were able to come watch.  But being in the new stadium was more of a family affair than just who was in the cheering section, or even playing on the field...  

First of all, our niece works on campus, so we got to see her.  But also, my older brother had hauled the steel for framing the stadium when it was built, and our eldest prince had wired the lights over the stadium seats!

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