Sunday, October 12, 2014

How Quickly They Forget!

Of course, having the party in the new space above the garage spurred some progress, ahead of time, on yet to be finished tasks.  (To this day, there are still plenty)

One evening, Hubby was working away on the kitchen area island, and, of course, the GrandPrince was interested in what he was doing, and in the tools and hardware.  "Pop" (what Hubby prefers to be called, since that's what he called his own, beloved grandfather), always the shop teacher, saw an opportunity to share his passion for woodworking and construction with the little guy.  He was apparently forgetting, perhaps, after the years since our kiddos' toddler years, that babies have a couple of instant reactions to getting their hands on new things...

...into the mouth, or see how they fly!

Princess Sassy caught the priceless exchange.  She was only sorry she missed taking a photo of the driver bit sticking straight up out of the impaled vinyl floor.  She was glad her sometimes finicky dad had been the cause of the first 'owie' in the new place.  :-)  Phew!  Pressure's off.  haha

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