Sunday, August 21, 2011

Is this Kitchen Obsession, Color Obsession, or Just Plain Crazy?

Last Sunday, after enjoying our church's special outdoor baptism service at a state park on Hood Canal, we continued our nice day at Hubby's friend's family cabin across the water.  

While the kids boated and played on the dock and beach, Hubby helped his friend scrape and prime the boatshed, in preparation for a new paint job. 

As I chatted with them while they labored (Gotta love the division of labor in our teamwork!), I had the chance to gaze at the shed.  It had been there for years, it and the cabin, both a cozy, bungalow type of style.  The old layer of gray paint was going to be covered with a new layer of a similar color already on the house.  

Hubby guaranteed himself a repainting job
the day he referred to these cabinets as 'blue,'
and gave credence to my nagging concern 
But wait.  Isn't the gray on the shed just the color I've always wanted on my range area cabinets?!  I searched out the bucket of new paint to see what it was.  As soon as I found it, though, I realized the old and new light grays weren't exactly the same.  The new color, Parker Paint's "Seattle" gray, was more of a medium gray with maybe a bit of blue to it.  But the shed's gray had a creamier, tanner edge to it.  Just possibly the shade I've been searching out for the last 4 years...                                                                                                           
But how to get a look at this color at home, and in a paint store?  Obviously, knowing the color and brand of the new paint wouldn't help, and there were no remaining cans of the old stuff.  I knew that taking a photo would never work, since I can't ever seem to get paint colors represented properly with a camera.  

I tried to see if there were any loose pieces I could peel off the building, but couldn't find any.  That's when I realized there were samples lying all around me...Scraped off the building already, and on the ground.  I picked up the largest pieces I could find -- decades-old chips of paint -- and stowed them carefully in my purse.  

They are dirty, so no good for a computer color match scan.  But I can sure compare them to the samples of possible paint options I already have on hand.

Sure enough...It's almost the same color as SW Dorian Gray, which was top on my list of colors to try.  Seeing the color on a whole building instead of just the 1 x 2 inch sample gives me more confidence that it's the one I want.  

Now to add "Repaint the range area cabinets" on Hubby's list...  

Right after 'little' things like
 - Build the garage addition with bath and kitchenette for the newlyweds 
 - Build bookshelves in 2 rooms
 - Finish the island detailing and paint it
 - Build file drawers
 - Finish downstairs interior window trim...  
All around teaching school, coaching cross-country, and doing whatever other tasks come up.  At least I'm ready with the decision.  That's something.  As I said, I can't really complain about the division of labor around here...

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