Friday, August 26, 2011

The Lost is Found...

Well, a couple of them anyway.  I was just telling Gardenweb Kitchen Forum friends that I had planted plenty of seeds for beets this year, but I could not find a one.  I think it was too dry when I planted.  But I was busy and have often underestimated the amount of moisture in our soil here, so I just figured, some will live and some won't....Thinking most would, and I'd have to thin them.  Weeks and months later, it seemed that NONE had.  I love beets, so it was a disappointment.

Today, though, I was watering, and finally figured I'd pull that odd weed out of the strawberry patch that I'd noticed last week.                                                                                                                                        
2 are better than none!  But still pretty sparse.

That 'odd weed' was actually 2 plants, and not weeds after all!  Just not the type of leaf for the beets I'd planted in previous years, so I didn't recognize it.  I do think these are the only ones, though.  I haven't pulled any similar 'weeds' and a quick search didn't reveal any more.
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