Monday, August 29, 2011

"The Kids Are Stripping!"

...But in a good way."  Hubby thought he was pretty funny.  And also decided he'd make a good blog post title writer.

In more prep for the garage project, part of the carport has to come down.  The roofing needs to be removed so we can get to the structure of the roof in order to dismantle it.  --OK, probably not "we."  I will be glad to watch, take pictures, report on the blog, and even make snacks and beverages.  But this is one part with which I think (I hope) I'll be no direct help, except for organization and clean-up underneath.  
I'm not even necessarily happy to watch at this point, because I don't like to see the kids working up on a roof...10 feet above the ground.  But they are confident, sure-footed, and careful.

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