Thursday, August 11, 2011

One pair of lovebirds flies away...

I've had requests for photos of this week's newly married couple, but have none from the wedding to share right now.  I got some today, though, as Princess Bossy and Prince Helium came roaring into the driveway just after 10 AM, the honking horn announcing their arrival.
They had to pack up the wedding gifts, household items, and a summer's worth of clothes and belongings, getting more into Princess Bossy's little car than they thought would be possible. 

After a last-minute skill lesson from the new big brother to 
the youngest prince, 

....and a bit of silliness and many hugs, 

"Wait...Dad, are you crying?"
Of course.
We did hug the prince, too, I promise.

...they are headed out for a 5-day trip (including a stop for a friend's wedding in Colorado) that will land them back home in their own Oklahoma nest on Monday night.                                                                                                                                        

Good Bye!!!!!!...  :-)  and  :-(

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