Friday, August 12, 2011

Exacerbated Vesselanarianism

My collection of vases had always been a mixture of hand-me-downs and those that came with the few bouquets of flowers that have been delivered to me in my life.  A motley and not very elegant group.

After the weddings, however, I have so many more, as the girls passed those left from the various centerpieces off to me.  
This gives me the opportunity to be, both, more discerning, getting rid of the ugly ducklings I'd kept because they were all I had, and more vase-endowed, since as long as they're here and paid for, I might as well keep a more varied assortment than I'd afforded myself previously.
Do you think these kind of tops are food safe?
Good for vinegars or oils?

Lots of orange and blue.
Not at all my favorite colors, but the
blue is growing on me...

With a houseful of youngsters, I've never been big on candles, but that can change a little bit now.  Princess Bossy had votives mixed into her table centerpieces, so I inherited a box of candles, as well as several little vessels in which to hold them. 

Now my goal is to try to get Hubby to build some shelves for our living room, so I might display some of my new (and old) vessels, before the permit comes through, and nothing happens but garage-building around here... As it should be.

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