Saturday, October 26, 2013

For Fun or Coif It

Whether you want to try on a new look, like I thought I could use, or just have some fun, the makeover tool Princess Sassy showed me on might help you out.

You download (upload?  I never know the difference) a photo of yourself, and try on the hair styles of different celebrities.  --Choose "Upload your own photo," then click on where it says "Browse" in the lefthand column in order to choose a photo you've saved on your computer.  

A straight-on view with your hair tied back or, at least, well out of the way, is the best.  I chose an old one that sort of fit the bill that I'd taken a couple of years ago.

When the photo is on the screen, keep hitting "next" and follow the directions.  The tool calculates the angle of your face by taking measurements and clues from dots they ask you to locate in certain spots.  

This is good, but also means the hair styles come out a little odd and need to be adjusted to fit your head.  But this is pretty easy using the adjustments under the picture, or by dragging the green dots shown on the screen when you have the cursor over the picture.

To get see the hairstyles you want to try, you choose between sorting through celebrities, or sorting through styles, by choosing features like length, hair type, etc.

When you click on a celebrity's face, the hair will
Keira Knightly's hair on me before
adjusting to my head and playing with color
appear on your photo.  This is when you want to adjust it to your face.  You can also change the color.  The worst part about this tool is that the colors don't come out true to any real hair color I've ever seen.  They're mostly too bright and too orange, but this is still helpful...or fun.. whichever you'd like it to be.

And Keira Knightley's hair... After

Jenna Elfman's style, color adjusted to brown.  They don't
offer gray as an option so that I can see something more like reality.

Me in Julianne Moore's hair.  You can
see why I keep my hair short!

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