Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What to Do... What to Do...

Out of the original 9 bags of apples, we got 6 or 7 pies, a few lunchbag snacks, and approximately 5 gallons of applesauce.

That is a LOT of applesauce!

For the first batch, I grabbed some plastic storage containers.  I quickly figured out that I didn't have enough for all the applesauce we'd produce, and what I did have, I didn't want tied up in frozen applesauce.  After a little thought, I could pop the applesauce cubes out of those containers, and put 2 each in large ZipLoc bags instead.  Either way, they take up a lot of freezer space in that shape.

Ha.  Just got this out of the freezer to take the photo.
"Breaking or cutting it" will not be an option, since
it's over 3 inches thick in places.  Will just have to thaw
it and reheat any I want to refreeze.
The second batch, I decided to go for a cheaper container, and a streamlined shape that would be easy to stack and store in the freezer.  I was happy to just fit the whole batch into one gallon-sized ZipLoc bag. --But, Oops!  Why will I want to thaw a full gallon of applesauce at a time?  I will do better to cut or break that into smaller pieces.

This is when I remembered why I used to have ZipLoc bags in the quart size.  For the last year or so, we'd gone to buying only the gallon and sandwich sizes, as the quart-size was usually too small or too big for most daily needs. 

Remember to turn the tops back, so when you goo-up the
top during loading, that it's really inside the bag.

Also, it's advised to write the contents and the date
BEFORE filling.  Oops.

However, they will be perfect for storing applesauce in usable amounts, and they're easy to label.  I can freeze them flat for easy stacking and efficient use of space... "in apple pie order!"  ;-)

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