Friday, October 25, 2013

Pumpkins with my Punkin'

It is good to get out of the house for something other than family errands, or taxiing kids to and from sports.  It is also good to get out into the fresh air, walk, and breathe a little.                                                                               

With fun in mind, and without luck convincing anyone else to go along this year, Prince CuddleBunny and I headed to The Pumpkin Patch at Creekhouse Farm, where they "offer over 20 varieties of organic, heirloom pumpkins selected for the dual purpose of decoration and quality food."  They will also personalize pumpkins there, but we missed the opportunity to order in August.  Maybe next year.

The setting is wonderful with fields of pumpkins on rolling hills, and lots of photo ops.

Besides the cheerful and friendly human family members, the family dog also greeted us and accompanied us around the fields for a bit.

One of the goats, in particular, caught Prince CuddleBunny's attention and had him giggling... One sounded classically goatlike (nasal and higher pitched) in its "Maaa- Maaaa"s, but another sounded like an adult, human male, saying the same 'word,' but not even trying to sound like a goat!  We would've sworn there was a man in the pen, just saying "Maaa- Maaa," in a monotone, bored voice.  

Fun was had by both of us, and we came home with 2 big pumpkins for the porch, and 2 sugar pumpkins for the pot!

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