Thursday, October 3, 2013

Knees, Garages, ...Apples? Oh, My

The "Apple of my Eye" has surgery on his knee today, so I'm writing quickly this morning.

 He actually damaged his Medial Meniscus,
which is the backward C shape on the right.
The 'top view' image is shaped sort of like an apple,
don't you think?  ;-)
Image Source
He damaged his meniscus and they'll clean it up (shave it... Youch!) through arthroscopic means this afternoon in the Big City.

He most likely injured it due to the repeated bending required to do the concrete work in front of our new garage addition.  --The new garage addition I haven't shown you in way too long, because, frankly, I didn't think it had progressed enough to share.  

This is what it looked like last I showed you in early June.
But in looking back, it has changed some. (For prior posts about our addition, check here)

The wiring is complete, the heating system is in, and, as of last week, we have passed our electrical inspection and have the framing inspection scheduled.  After that comes insulation, another inspection, and then that major piece of progress:  DRYWALL!  That step signals the beginning of the end to me, and so many of us are eagerly awaiting the moment when the Steadfast family can stretch into larger digs.  The 9 x 10 "library" is just too small for 3!

I love this angled section, and the nice porch Hubby built for it.

I told you I might sort of cheat to get apples mentioned within other topics, but I didn't think it would be so soon!  Back to apples tomorrow... I have a recipe to share.

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